Food & Drink:

The Valdaso region did not only maintain its landscape, art and history. It is also very well kept the secrets of its ancient culinary tradition based on simple and natural ingredients (legumes, grains, vegetables, olive oil and pork) and the red ‘Rosso Piceno’ or ‘Falerio’ wine.




With the ‘vincisgrassi’, a rich lasagna from the Piceno region, perfection is reached.

Tajuli’ and ‘Taccu’ are made from plain pasta without eggs, served in broth and respectively with vegetables, pork, sardines or dried cod stew.

The ‘olive ascolane’, with beef stuffed and fried olives, are the specialty of the town of Ascoli Piceno.

In the many restaurants on the Adriatic coast the typical 'brodetto' (fish stew from 13 species) is served.


Virtually every self-respecting town or city has in the months of July and August its own feast. In the south of Le Marche these are often called ‘Sagra’. Often the theme is a local dish or market promoting local produce and crafts. Anyway, you can always find food when you are around.