Le Marche

Le Marche is a region in central Italy between the Apennines and the Adriaticcoast with a very rich history. Without a doubt the landscape of Le Marche makes you think of Tuscany or Umbria. A combination of seaside, mountains, picturesque towns and unspoiled nature makes Le Marche a very attractive area.The picturesque coastal villages breathe a genuine medieval atmosphere where you can quietly relax. Moreover, even in high season it is not very crowded.The south of Le Marche is still a closely guarded secret. Those looking for a piece of unspoilt Italy will definitely find themselves in the right place.

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National and regional parks

Le Marche is a green province with many natural parks. ‘Monte dei Sibilinni' and 'Gran Sasso’ are the most famous and offer spectacular views in the land of the Capricorn, wolf, bear and eagle.

Below you will find more information about the different national and regional parks in Le Marche.

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Conero (1h)

The Natural Park of Conero lies just South of Ancona. The 572m high cliffs form a natural break from the long sandy beaches. The pine woods provide a refreshing coolness and the low Mediterranean vegetation spreads a wonderful fragrance.

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Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga (1h15min.)

This natural park in the Apennines, which is mostly located in the Abruzzo province is very diverse and is famous for its six pairs of golden eagle. The top of the Gran Sasso with its 2.912m forms the roof of the Apennines.

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Grotte di Frasassi (1h30min.)

These caves were discovered in 1948 and since 1974 open to the public on a limited basis; a guide leads you through a labyrinth of corridors and 'rooms'. The tour offers an impressive spectacle of limestone formations consisting of stalactites and stalagmites. The caves are still being investigated by cavers who are looking for more hidden treasures. The Frasassi Caves are approximately 60 km west of Ancona.

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Monte Sibillini (1h30min.)

In the southwest of Le Marche lies the Monte Sibillini National Park, part of the Apennines. In summer the snowy peaks form a beautiful hiking area, where you can be greeted with large flocks of sheep, and in winter time you can ski. The highest peak Monte Vettore (2.476m) towers over everything. Amidst the mountains is the Piano Grande (‘the great plain’) which especially in spring offers fantastic views when the plain is coloured by thousands of flowers.

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